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Journey Into The Word Ministry will start on The Now Network on May 28th, 2023 at 5:30 am CST.  The Now Network is the Fastest Growing Christian Television Network in The United States of America. Special thanks to all our supporters! Praise The Lord!


Nationally: Over 56 million homes in the United States have access to watch The NOW Television Network on cable television. The NOW Network is available on TikiLive Cable Channel 50, Vexus Channel 108, NK Telco Cable Channel 72, LiteStream Cable Channel 80, FTC Channel 259, Rodeo Network Channel 364, and Absolute TV Channel 98.

International: The NOW Television Network has a viewership of over 180 million households in Africa, Western Europe & Asia on Intelsat 20 satellite TV & AVO Channel 87. ROKU, APPLE TV, AMAZON FIRE TV, & ONLINEWe can be seen in over 63.1 million households on ROKU in the United States. You can also watch our 24/7 online streaming feed or download our FREE mobile app at 

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Tuesday Night Bible Study. 7:00 PM CST. Toll Free Number To Call: 951-799-9635.

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